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Large Handmade Wall Art Mosaic Sunrise Goddess ‘New Beginnings’


‘New Beginnings’ is a magnificent mosaic I made a couple of years ago, when I finally felt things were looking brighter for me, I could take a breath and know things were going to be o.k.

I am quite attached to this mosaic, and I know I will miss her, but I finally feel I should let her go and share the mosaic with the world, or at least one new home where the onlooker can feel the warmth and positivity of a new day, a new beginning every time they gaze at it.

The scene depicts a Goddess, her face is the sun, looking upwards, her arms the trees with new shoots springing forth from her fingertips and her hair flowing from the greens of the grass to the blues of the waves. You can find all the elements of earth, air, water and fire in this spiritual mosaic.

The piece measures 123cm x 63cm including the bespoke professionally made black wood frame.
The mosaic was made using glass tesserae, stained glass pieces, mirror, ball chain and a few interspersed beads and millefiori. There are d-rings and wire ready to hang.

I am happy to ship internationally, be aware that any import taxes and charges will be the responsibility of the buyer.

For UK buyers, you can collect her from my studio in North Devon or she will be shipped in a bespoke plywood crate.

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