Exhibitions and Events

Cats Protection

I've been chosen by Cats Protection to provide craft kits for their Craft Along Event this summer on July 2nd.

I have handmade 2500 mosaic cat coaster kits in 6 colours each of which represent some of the most popular cat colours in the UK.

The Cats Protection League will be selling these kits in the run up to the 2nd of July when I will be hosting a wonderful 2 hour Craft Along session.

It will be a live online workshop where any one who has purchased a Cat Kit can join and interact to create their own cat coaster following my guidance as they go.

Can you imagine? A 2500 Cat Coaster crafting bonanza!!!

The event will  help them to raise money to support our furry feline friends :)

Find out how you can join in here: https://www.cats.org.uk/summercraft