About Adela Webb

Adela is captivated by the vibrant interplay of colour and pattern, a passion that breathes life into her mosaic creations adorned with mesmerizing swirls and curves. Embracing the artistic challenge of meticulously hand-cutting square pieces of glass and repurposed china, she orchestrates organic, flowing forms that evoke a sense of dynamic movement. Her journey into the realm of mosaics began in 2015 when she embarked on a full-time career as a mosaic artist. Armed with a foundation in textiles, photography, and graphics, Adela's creative pursuits evolved, culminating in her exploration of the mosaic medium. In 2022 and 2023, she deepened her knowledge through online studies with esteemed mosaicists Catilin Hepworth and Gary Drostle. Her quest for mastery led her to Ravenna, Italy, in the summer of 2023, where she trained under the guidance of the master mosaicists at Koko Mosaico Studio. During this transformative experience, Adela meticulously crafted replicas of a Byzantine rabbit using marble and a Byzantine flower using smalti, employing traditional tools like the hammer and hardie and the unique double reverse method specific to Ravenna, which involves a temporary lime substrate.

Adela's artistic roots intertwine with her nomadic early adult years, marked by frequent relocations and a nine-year stint in various parts of the USA. A pivotal influence emerged during her time in San Diego, California, where visits to Niki De Saint Phalle's Queen Califia's Magical Circle sculpture garden left an indelible imprint. The monumental mosaic sculptures therein fueled Adela's creative spirit and continue to inspire her work.

A self-professed magpie or Womble, Adela habitually scours charity shops and beaches, finding treasures that seamlessly integrate into her mosaic tapestry. Regular exhibitions with The South West Mosaic Artists group showcase her evolving portfolio, while her commitment to community engagement is reflected in collaborative mosaic projects. Adela extends her passion to others through workshops held in her North Devon studio, earning recognition with the prestigious Platinum Certificate of Excellence from Craft Courses. To trace Adela's mosaic journey from its inception, follow her on Instagram @moonharestudio

In the summer of 2018, she worked with Holsworthy Museum and the community to design and make a mosaic to commemorate the 100th anniversary of World War One.

In February 2020 she worked on a large mosaic at the entrance to Northlew Primary school with the children.

In 2022 Adela was chosen by the charity Cats Protection to be a maker for their Craft Along event. She produced 2,500 mosaic kits and presented a live make a long session. She also worked with Bude WI to produce two large community mosaics, now displayed in Neetside, Bude Cornwall.

Her goal for the future is to carry on experimenting and learning the many techniques of mosaic, continue working on projects with the local community and start to expanding her work on mosaic sculptures.


Moon Hare Studio
Unit 4 N D House

River Tamar Way

EX22 6HL


07540 340222